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Made with 100% farm fresh ingredients from the midwest

Farm to Table Pet Treats

What are the benefits?

With a focus on farm fresh all natural ingredients Many Pastures delivers quality pet treats from the farm to your pet. Promoting a healthy lifestyle for your pets. Many Pastures pet treats are freeze dried to lock in the freshness and maintain all the healthy nutrients that benefit your beloved pet.

fresh all natural pet treats


Freshness is delivered using all natural ingredients from carefully selected farms across the midwest. Give your pets the freshness they deserve.

fresh all natural pet treats


Many Pastures prides itself on working with local farmers ensuring quality and freshness go in to every pet treat they make. You can also shop your local pet stores.

fresh all natural pet treats


We love our pets just like you which is why we know that there is nothing more important than the health and wellbeing of your dog or cat.


Fresh local ingredients

Our goal is to build the best possible bond for both you and your dog or cat. Every choice we make, where we harvest our ingredients, what products we develop, and what we stand for, impacts the bigger picture; the health of the earth and the animals.

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